Seremik prints mainly with high-solid stoneware. A pottery clay made of natural, pollutant-free minerals that can be reused virtually indefinitely before the fire. This allows any idea to print in order to check it directly at reality. We then discard or develop it into a usable design through many small changes. A unique process in which less than 5% of the starting material is lost.

At the moment we source clay from mining areas in the Westerwald in Germany. At Fuchs (today Sibelco) and Witgert, which has been mining minerals there since 1820 , with fair wages, under the applicable environmental regulations and in cooperation with local residents and communities.

Seremik ceramics are safe: it does not release any pollutants, dirt, pollen and bacteria do not stick. Ceramic does not burn, is odourless, recyclable, durable, durable. The production at Seremik is carried out in an energy-saving manner with water, compressed air and electricity generated from water, wind and sun.