Frontify stoneware ceramic Nook logo
Frontify stoneware ceramic Nook logo

Ceramics that embody the culture and values of your company

3D printed ceramic editions for interiors, gifts and awards

Made in Switzerland. With hands, machines and care.

Seremik combines the production of gifts with a small contribution to people and our planet. We receive and ship designs all over the world, but produce exclusively in Switzerland. We thus take advantage of all the benefits of our democracy: good pay and social security, 100% green energy, safe waste and recycling systems, low corruption.

Ceramics of your design for your customers and employees

  • Size up to 39x38x38 cm
  • One or more colors possible
  • No minimum order quantity, from 1 piece at no extra cost
  • Repeat orders without extra charge
  • Monthly or semi-annual deliveries and invoicing possible
  • Secure, digital storage and documentation of the ceramics
  • 100% production in Switzerland with 100% green energy
  • Fair and environmentally friendly mined raw materials from Europe and the USA

The way to your ceramics

Seremik produces your personalized ceramic promotional gifts in 3 stages. In the first you define the use, for example, as a vase or aperitif bowl. In addition, the appearance and corporate elements that are attached to or in the ceramic.

At the beginning of the second stage, we investigate the feasibility of the desired design by checking the model for parts that are difficult or impossible to print. On this basis, we prepare a binding offer for product development and the cost of the series.

Once the model is theoretically printable, the actual development of the ceramic starts. With the help of prototypes we improve dimensional accuracy, stability, appearance and behavior of the clay object during print, drying and firing. We photograph and share all results, so they know the status of the project at any time and can give feedback on optimizations. As soon as the first satisfactory prototype is ready, we will send it to you, allowing you to test the result with all your senses.
With your good to print, production starts along the agreed schedule.

Tip: Plan early and allow 2-3 months for production time for a run of 200 items.

ZHdK Award mit aufgebranntem Logo
ZHdK Award mit aufgebranntem Logo
Seremik Prozess Geschenke-rev3

Fast, together, in small steps

We develop your ceramics based on minimal information. Starting point can be a hand drawing, logo or vector graphic. On this basis, we construct the desired, three-dimensional shape from it.
The comparatively fast 3D printing with clay offers the advantage of being able to print shapes on a trial basis, often on the same day as an inquiry, in order to be able to make very quick estimates of the time required and costs. Based on your feedback, the prototype is developed in 3-4 iterations into a maximum quality, stable and dimensionally accurate ceramic. We will also be happy to provide you with price examples and factors in advance that can help you avoid unnecessary delays and costs.

Seremik Manufaktur
Mit Stempel geprägtes Logo
Mit Stempel geprägtes Logo
Kaffeebecher mit Logo
Kaffeebecher mit Logo

Gifts that last longer

Seremik makes ceramics that combine craftsmanship and digital technology. We receive and ship designs all over the world, but produce exclusively in Switzerland. That are seen and used thousands of times. So they become part of the corporate culture and identity for your customers and employees. Create a piece of digital craftsmanship that stands on its own, because sometimes a logo seems too monosyllabic. Or let the logo itself become an object, as part of the ceramics. We will be happy to advise you on the best way to combine utility, symbolic power and value in a ceramic.


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Elefant Signorelli-Moret
Elefant Signorelli-Moret
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Logo Signorelli-Moret