Winnie-the-pooh Teapot für Tobias Rehberger
Winnie-the-pooh Teapot für Tobias Rehberger

Individual pieces - Ceramic sculptures, digitally produced with clay

Seremik is one of the few companies in the world to offer professional 3D printing with clay. We print on behalf of artists, museums and galleries.

6 years of experience in artistic 3D printing with clay

Clay-printed ceramics become particularly expressive and beautiful when they are designed at the edge of what is possible. This requires empirical knowledge of the limitations resulting from factors such as gravity, expansion and shrinkage during printing, drying and fire. If these are included, the shape can be created without supports along the design, allowing for the most elegant prints. But even shapes that would deform or collapse can lead to a good result by assembling several parts, using supports and other support structures.

Recommendations for the design of your project

  • Maximum installation space: 39x38x38 cm
  • Wall thickness = nozzle sizes: 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5.5 and 7 mm
  • Design solid objects, let software calculate walls
  • Modelling uniform wall thicknesses
  • Tolerance of at least +/- 0.35 mm
  • as far as possible no overhangs, no angles flatter than 45°C, no vertical circular or spherical shapes
  • as far as possible no horizontal surfaces above the ground
  • no rounding of edges in the model
  • Omit radiuses less than 2mm
  • angular shapes often warp when drying
  • no narrow and at the same time tall towers
  • Provide CAD data in .step, .iges or .stl if possible

Clay 3D printing on commission

Seremik is one of the few companies in the world that can realise orders for ceramic 3D printing with stoneware clay. Stoneware is a natural, non-scarce raw material known for thousands of years, which we source from mines in the German Westerwald. Its ability to sinter makes it stable, waterproof and frost-resistant, food-safe, heat- and abrasion-resistant. Digital designs can thus create unique bodies that make a combination of contemporary aesthetics and natural materiality tangible.

Current lead times

Minimum production time: 5 days (small objects)
Elaborate individual pieces: 4-6 weeks
Series of more than 50 pieces: > 2 months

Objekt für Yoana Tuzharova
Objekt für Yoana Tuzharova

From design to product

The evaluation of the printability of objects is always complex except for very simple shapes, so only tests allow a realistic evaluation. Fortunately, the printing with clay is comparatively fast, so we do not have to do elaborate calculations to assess the feasibility of a project. In the case of a query whose form is difficult to assess, we will find the correct answer by simply performing a test print.

Prototyping by test prints should always be part of product development, so that its limiting factors can be incorporated into the design. Finished models that are beyond the limits of printability require a manual effort that is usually difficult to justify in order to be realised. Particularly in series production, this is a no-go, as time and costs become uneconomical.

Rapid Prototyping

When calculating projects, we often take into account the production of 3 or more prototypes, with which we can quickly find the ideal mix of configuration, design and materials. Another positive effect is that by repeating them, we can learn the best way to handle the objects in manual post-processing.

Our Mission

Seremik was born out of the idea of fair production while minimising energy consumption and resources (space, material, packaging, transport).
With a 3D printed stoneware ceramic you get a future-proof combination of digital shaping and natural material. Your very personal ceramic or edition, made with love and care in a micro-enterprise.

Opening hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
8:15 a.m.–6.30 p.m.
Wednesday, Friday
8:15 -12:00

Please make an appointment:
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