Custom Made


Employee gifts

Are you looking for promotional items? Or do you want gifts that are produced fairly in Switzerland and embossed with your brand? Seremik manufactures ceramics exclusively for you. With your logo and according to your design. From espresso cups to loudspeakers made of ceramic. In small series of 1-500 pieces, suitable for your budget.

Hotel industry and gastronomy

For you, outstanding cuisine and unusual presentation counts? With Seremik you get ceramics that are created digitally and by hand. Embossed with your name and logo. From the service to the table vase, from the wall tile to the ceramic lamp, many things are possible.

The production of your designs is stored digitally and remains retrievable for at least 2 years. You only pay for the reorder in each case. As a digital manufactory, we currently produce 100 to 200 items monthly, with a goal of 600. 3D printed ceramics, like porcelain, are durable, food safe and dishwasher safe.

Corporate Branding

Seremik produces ceramics resulting from a combination of tradition and contemporary technology. We are the right address if you want to differentiate yourself from the standard. Together with interior designers Seremik designs for rooms. We print single pieces, small and bigger series with your signet, in your corporate design. Your wishes and ideas are our only yardstick.

Open Studio

In my experience, the most intensive collaboration takes place here in the workshop. But often this is not possible, then we work together digitally. With support for chat, video, file sharing and everything else that simplifies synchronization and keeps the effort manageable.


At Seremik, budding designers can realize their own objects even without a big budget. Together in the workshop or on order. I check sent designs for printability and give tips for optimization before costs arise. If there are free slots, they are printed. Depending on the workload and task, all that is needed is a little patience and some money.

Seremik Workshop

The studio is open
Monday – Friday 9-12:30 + 14-18:30
and by arrangement

Workshops at location

3D printing at your site, in your store, for team events, offsites, trade fairs. Invite your friends and customers to experience 3D printing with pottery clay live or create your own vessel on the synthesizer. The printing itself is quiet, so that discussions and sales remain undisturbed. 1.5 square meters of space and an electricity connection is enough. For retail stores completely free of charge.

Inquiries to
Olaf Egner
+41 71 801 94 14