From machinery for people

For Seremik, I was looking for a machine that could make things out of drawings. From which the motorized microprocessor makes amazing things. Objects made of an ordinary, everyday material, in which my simple messages come into their own.

I chose 3D printers that print with normal potter’s clay without additives.. A cheap, light and detailed shapeable material that is indefinitely durable and reusable. Ceramic fired in the oven is smooth and cool, pleasantly heavy to hold, traditional and timeless at the same time.

oh lettering

Font element in 30*25*3.5 cm — raw from CHF 57.-


Seremik is a machined studio for art and utility objects. t Seremik, Olaf Egner, his guests and clients print messages and ceramic signs that they keep, sell or give away. Together we test a new culture of machine production. An economically balanced coalition of man, computer and machine.