From machinery to people


For Seremik I was looking for a machine that makes things out of drawings. Objects made of an ordinary, everyday material, in which my simple messages are suitably expressed.

I decided on ceramic 3D printers that print with normal pottery clay without additives. A cheap, easy and detailed formable material, which is unlimited durable and reusable. Oven-fired ceramics are smooth and cool, lie comfortably heavy in the hand and at the same time look traditional and timeless.

Hi! — heavy letters made of stoneware

Hi! — 3D printed font object approx. 18 x 30.5 cm

Seremik Workshop


Seremik is a studio for art and utility objects. At Seremik, Olaf Egner, his guests and clients print messages and signs in ceramic. Together we are testing a new culture of mechanical production. An economically balanced coalition of man, computer and machine.