Your own design as ceramic

For Seremik, I was looking for a machine that could make things out of drawings. Objects from an ordinary, everyday material that I can afford. I don’t have to learn a craft for years.

I chose 3D printers that print with normal pottery clay. A cheap, light and detailed material that is durable and reusable indefinitely. Ceramics burned in the kiln are smooth and cool, lies pleasantly heavy in the hand, at the same time have a traditional and contemporary effect.

oh lettering

Font element in 30*25*3.5 cm — raw from CHF 57.-


Seremik is a mini-factory for art and crafts. At Seremik, Olaf Egner, his guests and clients print ceramic messages and signs that they keep, sell or give away. Together we are testing a new culture of machine production. An economically balanced coalition of man, computer and machine.