SeremikA project by Olaf Egner

Olaf Egner is Seremik, in my studio I design and produce ceramics for our home – where we live, work and love. Together with guests I test procedures in which I combine machines with artistic expression and digital design with modelling by hand.

Olaf Egner

Seremik GmbHKrüsistrasse 129000 St. GallenSwitzerland

+41 71 801 94 14

The workshop is open

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
8:15 – 18:30
Wednesday, Friday
8:15 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Ceramic messages

Ceramics can be useful for many reasons – as a vessel, a tool, a memorial object, an expression of devotion to craftsmanship. OIaf sees his digitally printed ceramics more as a message to his social group. Seremik objects therefore often contain an ironic echo of his earlier work on the Internet.

Olaf Egner’s series “Moral Models” are enlargements of found objects from the Internet. Originally small icons that were meant to serve as orientation in web pages, but as is well known, they often leave one rather helpless. Icons like the “Cloud in the head” seem like a mechanical idea of human thinking and behavior. When enlarged, Olaf’s ceramic bowls therefore reveal something deeply human – our lovable awkwardness in expressing our life on the Internet in authentic pictures.

The series “Thoughtless things” are burned scribbles that were put down on paper in meaningless meetings. His series “Mushroom Kingdom” takes figures and landscape elements from popular video games and uses them to create vases and objects that remain flat in their own way – as if they were real props from a jump ‘n run game.

Seremik objects are for sale and are made in Olaf’s studio in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Olaf’s guests and friends are testing methods that allow an efficient and environmentally friendly production of low-tech products in the smallest of spaces. Seremik focuses on 3D printing with potter’s clay and is currently the only Swiss supplier offering analog or digitally designed ceramics made-to-order.

Head in the cloud 3D printed ceramic shell