ceramics made in St. Gallen, Switzerland

Olaf Egner, owner of Seremik

At Seremik in St. Gallen, you can test your own design, be inspired, get a feel for material, size, weight and color. In my beautiful rooms I also offer off-days and workshops for companies that are looking for exceptional thinking and acting. You find me and Seremik at selected design markets and trade fairs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

About me

After many years as a consultant and digital product designer for banks and large companies, I wanted to create something that I could feel with my hands, things with weight and structure. That’s why I founded Seremik. Today, fortunately, my simple ceramics get something that everyone wants: attention and sympathy.

Seremik designs are created in sketches on paper and on the computer, from where they are printed directly. In case of pleasure, the objects are dried in the air and then kilned at 1.000°C at least. The missing material is again mixed with the raw material in the pug mill. In combination with other materials and electronics, lettering, illuminated logos and other personalized ceramics, low-tech appliances such as air coolers, loudspeakers or lights are created.

Olaf Egner

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