Olaf Egner, owner of Seremik

Olaf Egner

Seremik GmbHKrüsistrasse 129000 St. GallenSwitzerland

+41 071 801 94 14olaf@seremik.ch

Just for a second.

My name is Olaf, my project is called Seremik. The question that drives me: as a one-man business, can I produce everyday things and use the proceeds to feed myself and my family? In Switzerland, with ceramics?

With my ceramic 3D printers, my digitalized manufacturing process, I didn’t want a manufactory in which manual dexterity is the center of attention. Nor was it an industrial company where hundreds of parts are spit out every day. The Seremik project is in between, a new type, I call it a mini factory.

In this one I try to design everything in such a way that it requires sustainable production. To make my own processes effective, to reduce waste, material and energy consumption to a minimum.

I design for production. I try to produce as much as possible myself. To construct in easily detachable individual parts what I cannot or am not allowed . With simple and precisely documented materials. Repairable and separable into functional, reusable and recyclable components.

I produce additive, to order and demand synchronously, single pieces and series of 2-500 pieces per month. or each printout a variant, improvement, re-ordering is possible.

I am happy to support you in the realization of your designs, from a distance or here in St. Gallen. In my mini factory you can test your own design, be inspired, get a feeling for material, size, weight and color.